-- Rules

Airplane specifications:
The plane wing must be build out of 1/4 inch EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam, also know as blue or pink fan fold insulation foam. (No Coreplast, EPP, Carbon Fiber sheets allowed.)

The motor must be model number 2408-21 (This is a cheap brushless)

The motor must be mounted on the front of the airplane

The battery must be equal to or less than 3S  (11.1Volts) (recommended 3S capacity between 1000mah to 1500mah)

The prop can be any size as long as you can fly a 5 minute round (recommended prop is the GWS 8040 (8x4)

Rule of Engagement:
The CD will give the OK to start combat after last plane has been launched.

Rounds will last 5 minutes.

CD will call stop combat at the end of 5 minutes.

A 30 ft. streamer of dark color will be used.

There will be no structures, or devices allowed on the model that could aid in the cutting of an opponent's streamer. Wing tip skid plates are allowed, but must not extend forward of the leading edge of the wing tip. No stick substance  or sprays will be allowed to help capture streamer.
The streamer must be attached at the start of combat. If the streamer is detached before the start of combat you must land and re-streamer.

Should any planes have a mid-air, any cuts before the midair will be counted.
A streamer cut is defined as any time one contestant's aircraft removes any part of a streamer attached to
or being towed by another contestants aircraft

Multiple cuts on multiple streamers towed by a single aircraft in a single pass count as one cut.

Multiple cuts on a single streamer in a single pass count as one cut

Any pilot flying overhead or behind the pilots’ flying line will be instructed to land his plane at once, and sit that round out.

If you cut someone’s streamer on launch or before start combat signal is given, the parties involved must land and sit that round out.

If someone signals they are landing for some reason, you will not be able to cut their streamer for safety reasons.

The CD has the last word on all decisions.

Hard hats are recommended on flight line.

All aircraft will be inspected by CD before flying.

Scoring: 10 points per cut

Revised: Mitch Eaves 2/24/2011